Newest Pilots

Arman (OIII)
Mohammadmehdi k (OIII)
Ali A (OIII)
Alireza J (OIII)
Best Pilot: June | Flight Time
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Top Pilots: Flight Time
Name Flight Time
Amir 37h 18m
Seyed M 32h 12m
Amirhossein F 20h 50m
Amir A 19h 32m
Hadi T 15h 15m
Ali N 13h 35m
Pilots 20
Aircrafts 91
Flights 680
Flight Time 142h 20m
Distance 48,475 nmi
Average Distance 638 nmi
Fuel Used 808,673 kg
Average Fuel Used / Flight 10,640 kg
Average Fuel Used / Hour 5,682 kg
Best Pilot: June | Distance
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Top Pilots: Distance
Name Distance
Seyed M 14,280 nmi
Amir 12,363 nmi
Amirhossein F 6,360 nmi
Amir A 6,110 nmi
Hadi T 4,478 nmi
Ali N 3,625 nmi