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NOTAM NameSepehran Airlines Virtual
NOTAM Creation Date2020-05-12
NOTAM Publish Date2022-05-12

1. Taxi Speed: max 30 knots

2. Livery: Optional

3. Refuling: musnt be done before engine start

4. Landing lights: on below 10000ft and off above 10000ft

5. Callsign: SHI must be used

6. Indicated airspeed: 240 knots below 10000ft

7. Pilots should return the aircraft to the hub

8. Client: sim acars must be used

9. Pilots should use the company fleet

10. Max landing rate -600v/s (even in windy and storme) 

11. The flight plan shall be completed , completely.

12. A foreign route was added to sepehran company(Dubai)