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NOTAM NameMahan Air Virtual
NOTAM Creation Date2020-10-04
NOTAM Publish Date2020-10-04

1- Livery is optional.

2- Max landing rate -400v  (even in windy and storme) .

3- Max taxi speed 20kt (taxi speed will checks only before take-off and after landing)

4- Refueling and boarding shall be done before the start client and engine start.

5- Client must be started before the engine start.

6- All airplanes should be back to their hub (OIIE-OIII-OIKK)

7- Landing lights: on below 10000ft and off above 10000ft

8- The flight plan shall be completed, completely. 

9- You can use cost index between 20 to 50 for your normal flights.

11- All flights with Mahan plane and another callsign of IRM callsign will be REJECT , expect EVENTS .

 (Have nice flight captain)